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Housing with its own forest park 5 minutes from the Prague center

mapa nové byty v Praze


The Božínka development project is a project of a newly built residential building on the border between Klamovka and Košíře in Prague 5, which offers for sale a total of 28 residential units and 42 parking spaces in garages. The apartment building is built at a place where the former villa used to take place in the past (villa Božínka).

The new owners of the apartments will also possess its own forest park on a large plot, which will be used by its owners for a complete fusion with the surrounding nature.

The apartment house will be equipped for the needs of modern living of its inhabitants. The house is characterized by its cascading structure which allows to all apartments an unobstructed view of the attractive surroundings. Thanks to the large format of windows the interiors of the apartment units will be pleasantly illuminated. The author of the architectural design is Ing. akad. Stanislav Picek with Picek Architects s.r.o.

Currently, we accept reservations for the apartments. We expect the completion of this project with the transfer of flats to their new owners in June 2020.

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FloorFlat No.Apartment layoutFront gardenFloor space m2
1.NP10.1 + KK26,1761,88
11.1 + KK11,4457,85
12.1 + KK11,4456,85
13.1 + KK10,6358,49
14.1 + KK10,6860,28
15.1 + KK11,4456,86
16.1 + KK11,4456,85
17.1 + KK26,1761,88
FloorFlat No.Apartment layoutTerraceFloor space m2
2.NP20.2 + KK16,5487,67
21.1 + KK50,82
22.2 + KK15,6066,94
23.2 + KK15,6066,31
24.1 + KK50,82
25.2 + KK16,5487,67
FloorFlat No.Apartment layoutTerraceFloor space m2
3.NP30.4 + KK7,69119,70
31.1 + KK50,51
32.3 + KK33,1194,69
33.3 + KK33,1194,56
34.1 + KK50,51
35.4 + KK7,69119,70
FloorFlat No.Apartment layoutTerraceFloor space m2
4.NP40.4 + KK7,65114,51
41.4 + KK19,84119,79
42.4 + KK19,84119,33
43.4 + KK7,65114,51
FloorFlat No.Apartment layoutTerraceFloor space m2
5.NP50.2 + KK30,4071,89
51.2 + KK44,0875,22
52.2 + KK44,0875,22
53.2 + KK31,0071,98


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